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More about the Location

The Location

More about Volterra

We chose Volterra, which is an up-and-coming tourist city in Tuscany, where history, culture and comfortable amenities create the perfect location for this new project. 


A famous Tuscan Ancient City

Volterra beckons tourists with timeless allure. Explore ancient Etruscan walls (built by the Etruscan civilization between10th-1st centuries B.C), the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum, and the Pinacoteca Art Museum. The Ecomuseum of Alabaster where you can enter the era of the “Alabaster Travelers” is the best place to understand, and see firsthand, the origin of where alabaster had been made popular and expanded across foreign lands. 


Surrounded by the rolling hills of Tuscany, Volterra promises an enriching experience for those seeking history, art, and authentic Tuscan charm. Alabaster whispers secrets of the past, while vineyards yield the promise of the future. Come, immerse yourself in this enchanting city!  

More Tourist sites in the city of Volterra: 

  1. Volterra Cathedral (Duomo di Volterra): Admire the stunning Romanesque facade and Gothic interior of this cathedral, dating back to the 12th century. Don't miss the impressive frescoes and artwork inside. 

  2. Palazzo dei Priori: Explore this impressive medieval palace, which houses the town hall and a museum. Marvel at its striking architecture and discover its rich history through exhibits on art, archaeology, and local culture. 

  3. Etruscan Acropolis: Step back in time at the Etruscan Acropolis, an ancient archaeological site just outside Volterra's city walls. Wander among the ruins of temples, tombs, and defensive walls dating back to the Etruscan civilization. 

  4. Guarnacci Etruscan Museum: Delve into Volterra's Etruscan heritage at this renowned museum, home to one of the most extensive collections of Etruscan artifacts in Italy. Admire ancient pottery, sculptures, and funerary urns that offer insights into Etruscan life and culture. 

  5. Medieval Streets: Wander through Volterra's charming medieval streets, lined with medieval towers, palaces, and artisan workshops. Explore hidden alleys and quaint squares filled with cafes, shops, and galleries. 

  6. Medici Fortress: Ascend to the Medici Fortress for commanding views of Volterra and the surrounding Tuscan landscape. Explore the fortress grounds and learn about its history as a strategic military stronghold. 


Evening Events in  Volterra

After a day of exploring the countryside, head back into the city for an night time re-enactment of 1398 A.D. medieval Volterra, or choose to explore The Red Night exposition- a night of art and music through the painting the Rosso Fiorentino’s famous painting, the Deposition from the Cross. Many more events like these are arranged by the municipality of Volterra and can be found though the link below.

More about the Countryside

Countryside landscape, rolling hills, rural road, and green fields at sunset. Volterra, Tu

San Cipriano, Volterra

Step into the countryside

We know that our investors are looking for the right combination of city and nature, so we decided to venture beyond the walls of Volterra's city center with a quick 7-minute drive into the serene countryside, into a little borgo called San Cipriano. By choosing this precise location, our project provides the perfect combination of a peaceful vacation and close proximity to sites and amenities. San Cipriano exudes charm and history at every corner- olive groves, vineyards, intimate restaurants and rolling hills, our project's surroundings offer visitors a picturesque escape into the heart of Italy's natural beauty. 

More Activities around our project

Teatro del Silenzio: True to it's name, this must see art installation, created in 2006 by Maestro Andrea Bocelli, sits in breathtaking silence most of the year. Then, once a year, comes alive again when Andre Bocelli not only makes his yearly change to the impressive art installation, but captivates us all with his infamous tenor voice for a concert in in his native origins of Tuscany.  

theater of silence, an open-air concert

Wine and Vineyards around our project

Wine and Vineyards
Thriving in Volterra's Terrior

Tuscany is a region in central Italy that is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and of course, its wine. Tuscan wine is some of the most highly regarded in the world, with long tradition of excellence that dates back centuries. In this section, we'll explore the history and characteristics of Tuscan wine, as well as some of the most popular varieties produced in the region.

Glass of Red Wine

Grape Varieties Thriving in Volterra’s Terroir 

Volterra, perched on the Tuscan hills, boasts a rich history intertwined with its natural resources. Because it was once a seaside the salts and minerals in the clay soil make wine in this area one of a kind.  Here, the land of Sangiovese reigns supreme. Let’s explore the grape varieties that thrive in this iconic Italian wine-growing region: 

  1. Sangiovese: The queen of Tuscan grape varieties is undoubtedly Sangiovese. With more than 100,000 hectares, it occupies over 10% of Italian vineyards. Tuscan wines crafted from Sangiovese grapes contain abundant tannins and acidity, but relatively little color.

  2. Other Notable Varieties: 

  • Brunello di Montalcino: Produced exclusively from Sangiovese Grosso grapes, this wine hails from the Montalcino area. 

  • Chianti: A blend of Sangiovese, Canaiolo, and other local varieties, Chianti is a classic Tuscan red. 

  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano: Primarily made from Prugnolo Gentile (a Sangiovese clone), this wine originates from the Montepulciano region. 

  • Super Tuscans: These innovative blends often include Sangiovese alongside international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. 

Tuscany’s limestone soils, ample sun, and rain create an ideal environment for these grape varieties. Whether you’re sipping a bold Brunello or a rustic Chianti, each glass reflects the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of this remarkable wine region. 



Excellent wineries within a 20-minute drive: 

  1. Tenuta MonteRosolaLocated just 5 minutes from Volterra, this picturesque winery offers a must-visit experience. Enjoy high-quality organic and sustainable wines and olive oil from their unique Volterroir in the heart of Tuscany. 

  2. Agriturismo Podere Marcampo: Created in 2005 and situated in very close to our borgo in San Cipriano, this charming vineyard is all hand grown with the deepest love and respect for the  history it ventures to continue. 

  3. Terre De’ Pepi: Located in the Valle di Sotto area, this winery offers luscious red wines in the ancient castle of the 13th century.


Cuisine and Restaurants Around Our Project


Great Food. Great Wine.

Tuscany is not only renowned for its wine, but also its amazing cuisine. Meat, pasta and soups are typical Tuscan dishes, as well as combinations of each such as hearty meat stews and seasoned pasta bolognese. In addition, Tuscany is known for its most sought after black truffles who's earthy taste allow visitors to connect with these fertile hillsides.

Lets get familiar with some of the most classic yet delightful dishes known to Volterra.

  1. Pappa al Pomodoro: A rustic Tuscan tomato and bread soup, often flavored with garlic, basil, and olive oil. 

  2. Ribollita: A hearty vegetable and bean soup, thickened with day-old bread. It’s a comforting dish that warms the soul. 

  3. Tagliatelle al Tartufo: Fresh egg pasta served with a generous shaving of black truffle. The earthy flavors of the truffle pair beautifully with the pasta. 

  4. Bistecca alla Fiorentina: A thick-cut T-bone steak, grilled to perfection. It’s a carnivore’s delight and a must-try when in Tuscany. 

  5. Crostini Toscani: Toasted bread topped with a flavorful chicken liver pâté, seasoned with capers and anchovies. 

  6. Cinghiale in Umido: Slow-cooked wild boar stew, rich and savory. It’s a traditional dish that reflects the region’s rustic cuisine.

Remember to pair these dishes with a glass of local Sangiovese wine for an authentic Volterra dining experience! 

For more information, you can explore the Enoteca Del Duca restaurant, known for its classic cuisine with a regional flair. 

Also try Boutique del Tartufo, a family-run shop specializing in the sale and tasting of fresh truffles and artisanal products with truffles. The truffles grow in the woods surrounding Volterra. They offer both the Tartufo Marzuolo (or bianchetto) with intense flavor and beautiful veining from January to April, and the black truffle (also known as scorzone) from June to November, which is persistent, robust, and thick. It’s a delightful experience for truffle enthusiasts!

Exploring on Wheels

Car and Motorcycle Tours

Lets take a ride!

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Take the ride of a lifetime by exploring the Volterra region. Rent a car or motorcycle and discover a unique and exciting way to explore the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. Through the experienced guides you'll find below, you'll discover  breath-taking views with the wind in your hair and the road at your fingertips.

Guided tours in the region

HR Tours: This vintage car rental location will bring you back decades as you travels roads of past centuries. 

  • Arrive to our Villa in style. Start off in Florence and drive up to Tuscany with guided tours along the way.

Europe Luxury Cars: Crave an even more heightened experience? Try driving through Tuscan in these thrilling sports cars! ​

Seaside and Volterra Tour: This daily motorcycle tour offers a delightful mix of scenic countryside roads, a seafood-based lunch, and cultural visits to two famous medieval cities: Massa Marittima and Volterra. 

  • You’ll ride through the picturesque Tuscan landscape, discovering the Massetana and Volterrana roads. 

  • Lunch will be at a restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

  • Explore the beautiful town of Massa Marittima and visit the Etruscan city, Volterra. 

  • Choose from different motorcycle options, including Ducati Multistrada, BMW, Harley-Davidson, and more. 

Tuscany Motorcycle Tours

  • Consider guided or self-guided motorbike tours with Tuscany Motorcycle Tours. 

  • Explore the Tuscan roads, rent a bike, and enjoy the local service. 

Remember to check the availability and take a moment to choose your preferred route. Then enjoy the scenic beauty of Tuscany on your mobile adventure! 

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