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 The Project

More about Il Giardino Del Vescovo Villa



The estate of Il Gardino Del Vescovo is divided into three types of gardens. The first designed for the experience of the guests staying at the villa. The second, designed for the visitors traveling in the area. The third is open for those seeking hidden Tuscan hillside treasures. 


Guests and visitors have two different places of entry with two different experiences. Both shared by a common piazza. For our guests, the privacy and relaxation is our main objective. For our visitors, festivities and attractions make this project an attraction .


Follow us as we explain how the estate is organized and why it's layout creates the best experience for all those that walk its many paths. 

More about The Project

Our Guest Gardens

The path to a peaceful mind and body


At Il Giardino Del Vescovo, the guests have the advantage of time- time to relax, enjoy, stroll and ponder. With this in mind, there are six guest gardens each designed to leave the mind and body, and yes, even the soul, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Entry Garden

The first garden, the entry garden, is where you leave your worries behind. As you enter into this buffer between your travels and your destination you understand you are entering into a sacred space, one that will encourage you to slow down, take a breath and just be.

 Largo Garden

The next garden, il largo, is directly in front of the main building. It's purpose is to provide the space and opportunity to truly see the beauty of the architecture before entering- pause to contemplate the history of where you stand. It provides the space for casual conversation with campaign in hand and reminds the guest that during their stay here they will have the luxury of space and time. 

Italian Garden

The third set of gardens, the more intimate Italian Gardens can be found directly behind the il largo. Known for blending nature and artistry seamlessly, Italian gardens have symmetrical layouts  which create a sense of balance and order. Following suit to this tradition while allowing the natural of progression  into modern times, our Italian gardens nourish our guests with inspiration, provide space and time for contemplation, and reflect the cultural ideals of beauty and harmony from the past and the present. 

Pool  Garden

As the Italian gardens focus on calming the mind, the fourth set of gardens focuses on rejuvenating the body and senses. In part one of this set is the estate's pool area enjoy fun, sport and relaxation under the warm Tuscan sun.

Then, with a clear line of site to the surrounding Tuscan countryside, enter into green manicured lawns sparkling with beams of sun shining through tall pine trees. Smell the blooming flowers and freshly cut grass under your feet as you practice yoga. Enjoy a quiet sunset and a barefoot walk along our sensory stone path; or simply some family time by our kids' outdoor climbing gym. 

Pretty young woman swimming in an outdoor pool in a stunning location.jpg

Healing Garden

In need of some deeper relaxation? You are invited to reserve a session in our private spa and healing garden. As an outdoor extension of our spa and hot tub area, here our expert massage therapist uses special recipes of mixed natural Tuscan oils and herbs, passed down from generation to generation, to leave you feeling calm, balanced, revitalized and ready to explore. 

Room Gardens

Last but not least are the private gardens belonging to the guest rooms of this luxury boutique hotel. Here you'll find comfortable seating areas nestled among the foliage and flower beds, perfect for enjoying a morning coffee or unwinding with a good book in the afternoon sun. 

Our Visitor Gardens

Bringing people together

At the Il Giardino Del Vescovo we view this estate not only as a place for guests to stay during their Tuscan vacation,  but also as a place where the community and tourists come together for public and private events. Our villa is a central location for weddings, music festivals, family gatherings, exhibitions, cinema showings, wine tastings, lectures, workshops and much more. Il Giardino Del Vescovo is a place to celebrate, learn, connect, create and grow. 

With these functions in mind, and the intent to show the natural progression of time- from the extravagantly beautiful 16th century Baroque to 21st century modern Italian expressions of luxury, we have created three garden areas for visitors to enjoy. 

Contemporary Art Garden

The first garden, at the entrance from our visitor's parking, is our own Vescovo Contemporary Exhibition of Art. Bright lights emanating out from this garden signal the curious travelers passing by that this is a stop they can't miss. This contemporary collection of European art is a claim to our commitment to stand by today's innovatively modern art and expressions while embracing the beautiful backdrop of Italy's ancient architecture.

Happy friends having fun outdoor - Young people enjoying harvest time together outside at


The second garden, or outdoor space, is the central piazza of the estate. Here is where the main events take place. In this area guests and visitors come together to eat, dance, enjoy, learn about Tuscan culture and make great memories!

Lounge Garden

The third garden, is a small private space in back of our lounge restaurant. This is to provide a more intimate quiet space on the outskirts of an event. A place to pause a moment  and stop for drinks and conversations. 

Hillside Gardens

Authentic Trails of Tuscany

Along the outskirts of our estate past the exhibitions, piazza, rooms lies a sacred land ready to explore. Where the previous three outdoor areas are within a designated and somewhat contained space, this fourth garden is the estate's open and spacious agricultural lands. Walk through our grape vineyards, learn the techniques of perfecting our olive groves. Taste, smell, see the vast trails of the authentic Tuscan hillsides, where man and nature come together to create beauty. 

Activity: Visitors and guests alike are invited to discover the secret spots we have readied for you. See if you can find all hidden treasures we have prepared! 

Estate Houses

Il Giardino Del Vescovo Estate Houses

Il Giardino Del Vescovo Estate Houses There are four main structures on the Il Giardino del Vescovo estate, the Main House, the Traditional Agricultural House, the Fienile House and the Lounge Restaurant. In total these spaces are approximately 1,000 sq meters. Here we will explore each of these houses and their importance on this grand estate.  

volterra sketch 02.jpg

The Main House


The Main House was the main luxury house of the estate owner’s family and has been such for the entire history of the estate. It is divided into five types of spaces. The private guest rooms, the lobbies & connecting spaces, the Antique Kitchen dining area, the spa and the management service areas. There are three floors of this house, the lower level which opens to the outside spa garden, the ground floor and the upper level.  

Private Guests Rooms

There are eight private guest rooms in this house. The guest rooms include two types-Model A and Model B. There are four guest rooms on the ground floor and four guest rooms on the upper level. Model A guest rooms, approximately 30-40 sqm., contain two spaces- an open bedroom, and a luxury bathroom. Model B guest rooms, approximately 40-50 sqm., contain three spaces, an open bedroom, living room and luxury bathroom. All rooms which are adjacent to the landscape will be open to a private garden. 

Lobbies and Connecting Spaces 

The ground floor lobby by the entry will contain a comfortable seating area that leads to four private guest rooms on the ground floor as well as a staircase which will take you either to the upper floor, where you will find another lobby leading to four more private guest rooms, or the lower level where you will find the Antique Kitchen and spa. 


The Antique Kitchen - Dining area 

The Antique Kitchen, which has been restored to its original 17th century design, contains a central dining area where the hotel’s breakfast buffet and periodic hors d'oeuvres are prepared throughout the day. In addition, the dining area will be available for guests at all times of the day and night. This space can also be used as a meeting and work area. Off the dining area there is a service area that is accessible from the main road. This is where we will be accepting deliveries and preparing and warming the food for the guests.  

The Spa  

The spa will be one of the most luxurious areas on the estate. This spa contains 4 different spaces. The entry and bathroom areas welcome guests to book or confirm appointments and get comfortable before their treatments. From the entry you will find the therapeutic hot tub and traditional Tuscan sauna area which contains both wet and dry saunas. The entry to the spa also leads to two treatment rooms and the panoramic spa garden. 

Management Service Areas

These areas are for the maintenance staff, their equipment and the mechanical systems.  

volterra sketch 01.jpg

The Agriculture House



The Fienile House


The Agriculture House is where the farmers would live and will be where guests can connect to authentic Tuscan architecture. It is made of three types of areas- the reception, the private guest rooms, lobby and connecting areas and service areas. This house has two floors, the ground floor and upper level.  

Private Guest Rooms  

There are six guest rooms in this house. Three Model A guest rooms on the ground floor and three Model B guest rooms on the upper level. Some of the rooms adjacent to the landscape will have private gardens.  

 Lobbies and Connecting Spaces  

This ground floor is divided between two spaces. First, a foyer with a small reception desk where the attendant can be found. This space leads to three private guest rooms and the staircase. On the upper level a small seating area leads to another three guest rooms.  

Management Service Areas

The service areas for the maintenance staff are divided between an equipment and storage room and a mechanical systems room.  

The Fienile, or the house that was once used to store food, will be renovated in an amazingly comfortable modern style. This house will be dedicated to private guest rooms. The entrance for each room will be from the Piazza and gardens directly. This house also has two floors, the ground floor and upper level.   


Private Guest Rooms 

This house has four Model A guest rooms, with two on the lower level that have their own private garden and two on the upper level that overlook the charming Piazza Garden.  


volterra sketch 03.jpg

The Lounge Restaurant


The Lounge Restaurant will be a central location for both guests and visitors at approximately 70 sqm. It consists of three types of areas- the lounge, the kitchen and a quiet small garden. This restaurant will be outsourced to a local chef and provided with only the minimum necessary for its owner their architect. Guests and their visitors are all invited to dine for lunch and dinner, enjoy wine, music and innovative Tuscan dishes.  

The Lounge  

The lounge will be a spacious area that overlooks the nearby gardens and has cozy, modern seats and tables inspired by Tuscan design. 

The Restaurant Kitchen  

The restaurant kitchen will have an area of 20-30 sqm. It is designated for food reception and preparation. 


The Lounge Garden

The lounge garden will be an outdoor area with two intimate sating area under the trees connects the Contemporary Art Garden and the Piazza where larger events happen. 

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