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IL Giardino del Vescovo


Volterra, Tuscany



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Investment Opportunity

IL Giardino del Vescovo
A Stunning Tuscan Hillside Villa

On the hillsides, near the medieval city of  Volterra, in the picturesque borgo of San Cipriano, is located Villa del Vescovo, our newest investment project.

The villa offers an authentic experience of Tuscany. Surrounded by gardens, vineyards, and olive groves, Villa del Vescovo is a 16th century luxury villa which incorporates over four hundred years of history into one breathtaking experience.  

Our team has come together to create a project where each unit enjoys a stunning view of the romantic, rolling Tuscan hills. This prestigious hilltop Villa features various private room units with Tuscan design, style and authentic Baroque ceilings. All units have access to shared facilities including an outdoor pool, private spa, Italian gardens, and lounge.

Villa del Vescovo is located along the provincial road Pisana, which connects the ancient city of Volterra to Pisa and Florence, in a quiet borgo, San Cipriano- just a 7-minute drive from the medieval city of Volterra. Volterra is a famous tourist spot, surrounded by the original ancient Etruscan walls and proudly displays medieval narrow streets, architecture, and a Roman Amphitheatre.
In the heart of Volterra you can find Piazza and Palazzo dei Priori, the Volterra Cathedral, museums, and other important historic monuments. Furthermore, within the city, you can find many romantic restaurants, gelaterias, local artwork, small boutique shops, cafés, a weekly market, and various services including banks, supermarkets, a post office, ATMs, medical services, etc.

 In the neighboring countryside of San Cipriano you can tour wineries, enjoy farmstead restaurants, and take in the breathtaking vistas of rolling hills and vineyards that characterize the Tuscan landscape.  

Our borgo is located 29 km east of San Gimignano, 40 km from Cecina Port in the Archipelago Toscano sea, 50 km from Siena, 64 km from Pisa, and 72 km from Firenze. 

The Location

A Quaint Corner of Tuscany

Volterra is a walled mountaintop town in the Tuscany region of Italy, boasts a rich history dating back to before the 8th century BC. Volterra beckons tourists with timeless allure It showcasese remarkable structures from the Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval eras.  Enter the era of the “Alabaster Travelers”, the best place to understand, and see firsthand, the origin of where alabaster had been made popular and expanded across foreign lands. 

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Volterra-The Project

The Project

The Perfect Location & Estate

San Cipriano, Volterra

A Tranquil Medieval Gem 

Much thought and consideration has gone into choosing the perfect location and estate for this project. This carefully selected locale offers not just proximity to Volterra's ancient allure, 7-minute drive north of the city of Volterra, but also invites guests to explore scenic routes adorned with vineyards, farmstead restaurants, and local festivals.

San Cipriano provides easy access to Volterra but also is just 20 minutes from the cultural gem Teatro del Silenzio, The Theater of Silece, by the illustrious Maestro Andrea Bocelli. With every turn, our guests embark on a journey enriched with Tuscan heritage and timeless beauty.


Il Giardino del  Vescovo

500 years of beautiful history

The project, located in Volterra, will spread over 30,000 square meters (7.4 acres) of land and consist of 15 private accommodation units amongst gardens, vineyards, and olive groves. Additionally for guests, the villa will include lounge, reception area, an outdoor pool, spa, strolling Italian style gardens and a common parking area.


Imagine, as you enter the premises, the entry garden or giardino, welcomes your anticipated arrival, along with expert staff ready to make sure your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as you dreamed it would be. The facade of the main building is where you will find the main entrance. Standing before you is over 400 years of history. This estate, originally created in the 16th century, was renovated in the 17th century to accommodate a more impressive Baroque movement. 

As time goes by, the stories of this property unravel. Researchers from different specialties are continually working to create a documented story, dating further and further back in time, of the lives of those who owned and lived in this property. As of yet, we have possession of documentation dating back to the 16th century attesting to the stories we've heard passed down for generations to those onsite living there today.